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Christian Missionaries Claim: Mistakes from Holy Quran

Christian Missionaries Claim: Mistakes from Holy Quran

In this age of science, many new theories are coming up daily. Scientists, along with their theories present the falsification test, that if so and so are proved right, my theory will be falsified. Charles Darwin also presented a falsification test along with his 'theory'. Quran also gives a falsification test and that is the bravest possible falsification test: This Book, there is no doubt in it, is a guide to those who guard (against evil). (Surah Baqarah 2:2). Quran is beyond all doubts. Take out one mistake from the Holy Quran and Muslims are ready to accept that Quran is not the word of God. Let us test all religious scriptures on the world based on this falsification test.

As I have already mentioned that, many Christian missionaries and other orientalists claim to have taken out several mistakes from the holy Quran. If we consider few points all their claims can be refuted:

1- Translation mistakes:

Many people from the west have taken out mistakes from the holy Quran reading the translations of Holy Quran. The original text of the Quran is in Arabic language. It is the challenge of Quran that its original text is free from all mistakes. Quran does not claim that all translations and explanations of Quran written by anyone are free from all mistakes. Hence, to take out mistakes from the translations of the holy Quran is not a wise act. No translation of Quran is 100 percent correct but the original text of Quran (in Arabic) is 100 percent correct.

2- Diversity of Arabic Language:

One word in Arabic language can have certain meanings. When looking at the scientific interpretation of the Holy Quran we have to keep in view that which translation here suits the best. Many non-Muslims, reading translations of Quran, took out mistakes from the Holy Quran because they were not aware that the word they were focusing on had some other meaning too and probably other translators would have translated it corrected. Even if no translator got it, right, still that does not count as a mistake of the Holy Quran.

3- Quran is not a book of science:

When Quran proved to be in great conciliation with the modern science and contained the recently established scientific facts, the non-Muslims started looking at those verses with a critical eye. When they did not find any mistake in that, they started asking strange questions. For instance, Quran speaks of big bang in a nutshell in Surah Anibya (21:30). Quran says, "Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the earth were closed up, but We have opened them; and We have made of water everything living, will they not then believe?" This verse clearly speaks on the singularity and the big bang. When the non-Muslims could not find any mistake from this verse they started asking; how can we find the red shift from it? How can we find the Doppler shift? Where does it speak of infinite density? One fact to be kept in view is that Quran is NOT a book of science. Quran is a book of guidance for the whole humanity. Its real purpose is to show people the right path. The holy Quran contains such scientific miracles so that people can testify the truth of Holy Quran. These are open signs for those who think, but those people who are bent upon looking at the Quran with a prejudiced eye will not get the real guidance of the Quran.

4- Who is the direct addressee of the Quran:

Quran is a book of guidance for the whole humanity, for people belonging to all times and for people living on all parts of the globe, but we should be aware of the fact that the Quran directly addresses the people of Arab 1400 years ago. Imagine some on using the word BIG BANG 1400 years ago. Who could have understood what that actually means? Suppose Quran spoke of red shift and Doppler Effect 1400 years ago who could have understood that. Quran gave the basic idea of the beginning of he universe and it was in perfect conciliation with the modern science. There were many views in the minds of the people about the beginning of the universes at that time even. Most of them thought that the universe had been there forever. No one ever thought of a big bang but the Quran spoke of that.

5- Why doesn’t the Quran give clear-cut miracles:

One more question has also been continuously from the critics of the Quran that why the Quran does not speak of those scientific facts exactly as they are present in the books of science these days. This would have been a clear-cut proof for the truth of Quran. One answer to that I have given in the previous part that we have to consider whom the Quran is addressing directly. Quran gives one more answer to that. Allah made this life of earth as a test. Who can reach the truth? Who can find his true God? If God wanted, he could have come down and showed himself to the people and everyone would have agreed and started obeying One God. This is not the purpose of making this life. If Allah had wanted, he could have made every one a believer. He made this life a test. If we get such clear-cut miracles then where is the test?

6- Quran might go against theories:

Many people say that Quran goes against Darwinism. In fact, Darwinism is not a fact. Darwinism is a theory. Theories can be right and can be wrong and many scientists spoke against Darwinism.

Keeping the above points in view, it is not possible to find any mathematical contradiction, logical mistake, scientific mistake in the Holy Quran hence proving that it is the word of God. Hence, the only way to establish peace in the world is to implement the Quranic system in the whole world, as no one knows what is best for the world more than the creator, himself.

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